Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm still here and I'm still trying, but boy is it hard! Going back to work has been a disruption to my creativity - hence, why I've been absent from this blog. My daughter has been sick so much that she still hasn't completed a full week of daycare. There have been days I've literally pulled my hair out, stuck in DC traffic, worried sick, trying to pick her up because I don't want to keep her there a moment longer than she must stay. And evenings are just nuts! By the time we get home, we've got 3 hours to pull off making dinner, eating, cleaning up, tending to the baby, trying to catch up with each other, putting out what ever fires we must, brushing our teeth, preparation for the next day, including those damn bottles! And each passing day is heavier with exhaustion. I know I'm preaching to the choir for those of you reading. So, this is my reality now. No writing, no reading, no exercise, sometimes it feels like there's no air. So far from the prolific writer I want to be.

But the good news is, I have decided that at the end of my workday, before I rush off to pick up my daughter from daycare, I will sit in my car for 10 minutes, usually my only time I'm alone, and work on my writing. With this strategy in place for the last week, I've managed to clean up one of my pieces enough to send it off to readers.

It's not romantic or sexy, this writing life of mine, but it is the way forward for now. Piece by piece, little by little, day by day. Progress.

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  1. Back to your plan of 3 months ago -- August. There's gotta be something to it. Write a note saying somthing like "step-by-step, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit," and place it on your desk to serve as a reminder. It'll keep you moving forward. You can take it down after you've developed the "accomplish life in pieces" muscle. WISHING YOU SUCCESS!