Saturday, December 31, 2011

Carrying On

In this blog experiment, I have laid down my vulnerabilities as a fledgling writer, mother, wife, and as a reluctant worker. In the six months of blogging, I have documented my sea/see change within and I hope that you have found something personal and worthwhile to take from my entries.

I invite you to look through my previous entries, if you haven't already. They still say everything I'd say about the challenges and joys of choosing to be both writer and mother/wife.

Through this process of blogging (and working on the novel), I have accepted myself as a writer, finally. (Why oh why did it take so long?) This process is what I've needed to now turn my attention--the little that I've have to devote to writing--mostly to my novel this year. If you are a writer and a mother or a mother trying to complete any goal for yourself, I know you understand.

As a writer, mama, worker bee, and wife, it's tough knowing where to put my energy at any giving point in the day. Most of the time my mind is split between the present and the future, my musts and my wants, dirty diapers and a smiling, bouncing 8-month old baby girl. You're nodding your head because you know the daily dance.

Blogging will have to take a back seat to writing my novel. Being more focused in my writing life will give me a little more piece/peace, I hope. I'll keep you updated from time to time. Drop me a line, let me know your out there.

Much progress in your passions in 2012.


  1. I can understand what you mean. But one thing i know is that little by little and it would all work out.

  2. It's 2013 as I read your words. I've been reading in chronological order. I am feeling panic as I read this post (although I have 3 more post coming) -- your post have made me feel, feel the emotions of being human. The demands of daily life limits the emotions we feel in a day; your blog gives a moment to reflect on the big picture -- gives us all, yep, even non-writers, the moment to reflect on our dreams/goals, and/or ponder on how we have not settled on who we are. In being optimistic, I will relese my initial panic, and look forward to the moments where you have the space and time to post.